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Dog Agility training is all about building communication between the dog and handler.  By navigating obstacles such as weave poles, tire jumps, hurdles, and see-saws, agility demonstrates not only a dog’s athletic ability but also their willingness to work with their handler to conquer the course. This fast-paced, beat-the-clock sport is fun for spectators and competitors alike!

Not sure which one to take?  Our progression of classes is as follows:

Puppy Agility: for puppies up to 8 months. In this class, we teach age-appropriate agility foundation skills.

Agility Level 1 – Intro to Obstacles: for dogs who are brand new to the sport of agility and the equipment.  In this class, we introduce all of the agility equipment, start line stays, recalls and skills.

Agility Level 2 – Intro to Obstacles: for dogs who completed Intro to Obstacles 1 and are ready for increased criteria. In this class, we increase criteria, start line stays, recalls and short sequences.

Agility Level 3: for dogs who are confident and fluent with all agility equipment and are ready to learn precision, speed, different approaches AND for handlers ready to learn how to move from obstacle to obstacle using Front Cross, Rear Cross, Blind Cross, Tandem Turn, and more.

Agility Level 4: for dogs and handlers ready to run novice courses.

Agility Level 5: for dogs and handlers ready to run Intermediate to Advanced level courses.

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