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K9 Nose Work Benefits

K9 Nose Work is an excellent way to continue your dog’s training, and is a wonderful compliment to your basic obedience program. Humans tend to inhibit a dog’s chance to develop the skill of using their nose by doing their job for them.    Think about how often you “do that for your dog” and […]

4 Toys Your Dog Really Wants for Christmas

Healthy Teeth Interactive Dog Toy Great boredom buster! Unique design allows for multiple treat placement, both in the outer “teeth” and the inner tube. Rubber teeth massage gums and pick tartar between teeth, similar to brushing and flossing. This design allows for a challenging yet fun experience, which can help prevent boredom and anxiety, and […]

Meet the Pack – Office Manager, Ashley Fulton

My name is Ashley Fulton and I’m the Office Manager at Pack of Paws. If you call our training center, you’ll most likely talk to me!  My job role includes answering phones and emails, scheduling appointments for private lessons, and helping people pick the classes that are right for them. I moved to the U.S. […]

Angel’s Progress

Angel is an 8 year old mixed breed dog.  She has bitten several people over the years, including her owner and another trainer. We developed a lesson plan that would easily fit into their regular routine, with some changes that are minor to the human, but have a major impact on the dog’s behavior, including: […]

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Dog Trainer vs Behavior Consultant – What’s the Difference?

Trainers and Behavior Consultants each serve vital functions in creating a better quality of life for you and for your dog. Choosing a dog trainer who is also a behavior consultant not only ensures that the symptoms of the behavior will be resolved, but so will the underlying cause of the behavior. What is a […]

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Pack of Paws Summer Safety Rules

Summer is here, finally!  As well as our dress code we also want to insure that your dog is always safe and as cool as possible. Health & Safety is always first when it comes to our pets. We are 100% responsible for their welfare and their enjoyment of our sports. The majority of our […]

Check List-Don’t forget your stuff!

My Dog …6 ft Flat leash (not a 4 ft leash) – not a retractable, they are not allowed in class. …Front hook harness, Head Halti or other training gear that is approved by your trainer. Gear should already be on your dog and properly fitted when you arrive to class. If you need help […]

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