Check List-Don’t forget your stuff!

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  • My Dog
  • …6 ft Flat leash (not a 4 ft leash) – not a retractable, they are not allowed in class.
  • …Front hook harness, Head Halti or other training gear that is approved by your trainer. Gear should already be on your dog and properly fitted when you arrive to class. If you need help selecting gear or fitting gear, we are happy to help you as long as it is not during class time. Please plan ahead. (Exceptions will be made on class #1 regarding fitting of gear).
  • …Obscene amount of soft smelly meat treats. If your class is at Noah’s Ark Pet Shop and you plan to purchase treats on the day of class, please arrive EARLY to allow time to shop and check out prior to class start time.
    • I am often asked “what do you bring to training for your dog?” I bring a one gallon zip lock bag packed full of meaty treats that I fill my bait bag from. If I purchase treats, I use Deli Fresh Chicken that I purchase from Noah’s Ark Pet Shop or I make my own treats out of left overs including hot dogs, chicken, steak, hamburg, turkey, etc. ~Donna D. Savoie, CPDT……
    • …Bad treat choices include – dog’s usual kibble, hard cookie type treats, anything larger than pea sized (plan to cut up your treats before class)
  • …Bait Bag – A Bait Bag is any convenient article that you can put treats into for EASY ACCESS.
    • Bait Bags can be purchased at Noah’s Ark Pet Shop and there are several styles designed for convenience. Zip lock bags, pockets, etc make access to treats difficult and makes training more difficult for both you and for your dog.
  • …Mat or Blanket– Bring your dog’s favorite mat or blanket each week for him to sit or lie on.
  • …Water Bowl (NO glass bowls) – We have tap water (free) or spring water can be purchased, you will need to bring a bowl. Portable bowls including collapsible styles are available for purchase at Noah’s Ark Pet Shop, or a small Tupperware bowl will do as well. It is not sanitary for all dogs to be drinking out of the same bowl any more than all humans should drink out of the same glass. Approaching another dog’s water bowl can sometimes illicit guarding behaviors from certain dogs, safety first – bring your own water bowl.
  • …Assignment – Did your trainer assign any articles to bring? Target Stick, Target Mat, etc? Don’t forget it.
  • …Sense of Humor – Bring a sense of humor, training is FUN

…On Time Arrival – PLEASE plan ahead to arrive to class on-time. Late arrivals cause an unnecessary disruption to class. We begin and end classes on time.

…Plan Ahead – to not miss any classes. Our classes are truly an educational experience and classes are progressive. Missed lessons mean missed information that will be used in class.