My dog knows how to Sit. Why Should I Continue Obedience Training?

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Working with your dog and practicing obedience commands each day builds a solid base that helps both of you deal with different situations you may face.

Better control makes it possible for you to take your pet to dog-friendly public parks, events and businesses, or bring him along on hiking and camping outings. It also eliminates the need to lock your dog away from guests when they visit your home.

By continuing obedience training beyond “the basics”, you are providing your dog with other important things he needs in his life, such as mental stimulation, exercise, quality time alone with you, and having a job.

A well trained dog with good manners is more manageable, relaxed, content and confident. And it makes you a happier pet owner when your best buddy understands what you expect!

When your dog understands your expectations and HOW to meet them, you have a well mannered, well balanced, happy, happy dog. It’s a WIN-WIN!

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