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Check List-Don’t forget your stuff!

My Dog …6 ft Flat leash (not a 4 ft leash) – not a retractable, they are not allowed in class. …Front hook harness, Head Halti or other training gear that is approved by your trainer. Gear should already be on your dog and properly fitted when you arrive to class. If you need help […]

Exercise Planner

Last week we talked about the importance of both physical and mental exercise for your dog. If you’re struggling to find activities to keep your dog busy, create a plan to help ensure that your dog gets the physical exercise and mental stimulation he needs. Think about your dog’s daily routine and choose what type […]

Doggie Zen

Doggie Zen is a very simple and very powerful impulse control training game that will influence the dog in a profound way. Doggie Zen essentially teaches the dog to think first watch for information from the handler and respond appropriately. All dogs can learn to think first! There are many variations of this game. It […]

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Your Dog’s Christmas Wish List

Wondering what to get your dog for Christmas? We’ve come up with a list full of fun, challenging and interactive toys and games that any dog would love! If you’re stumped on what to get that special dog lover in your life, Pack of Paws Gift Certificates are always a great idea! TRIXIE Dog Activity […]

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Ways to Beat Boredom with your Dog

With cold weather inevitably comes boredom and with boredom can come mischievous behavior! We’ve compiled a list of activities that will provide both physical and mental stimulation to help you make it through the winter unscathed! Enroll in Classes Of course, one of our favorite ways to exercise your dog is to take dog training […]

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