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Impulse Control Skills


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Trainer: Donna Savoie

This class is designed for dogs that are good with dogs and people, but have trouble focusing or have issues with impulse control in exciting environments.

Teach your dog to remain calm, focus on you, and ignore distractions in the environment no matter where you are.


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When we talk about “impulse control issues,” it means the failure to resist a temptation, an urge or an impulse.  Impulse control training involves teaching your dog skills to build self-control.

  • Does your dog bark at other dogs when on leash, in the house or in the car?
  • Does your dog have difficult focusing on you or barks when he/she sees other dogs running or playing?
  • Does your dog ignore you and your efforts at calling them to chase wildlife, dogs or run up to people to excitedly greet them?
  • Does your dog bark excitedly and ignore cues to leap on people you meet on the street or that visit your home?
  • Does your dog steal food or other items and run off?

In this class, we will introduce exercises to teach and reinforce leave it (to ignore something of interest), wait/stay and attention/focus — all skills which are essential for a dog to harness control of their impulses.

No Reactive Dogs.

Things to Bring:

  • TONS of yummy food treats cut up small.  5 different flavors in separate containers.
  • A vessel from which to manage the food for efficient and effective delivery to the  dog.  Treat pouch, training vest, etc.
  • 4 of your dog’s favorite toys.
  • Mat (yoga mat, bath mat, small blanket)
  • Your instructor may add training gear to your equipment list each week.

Minimum Pre-requisites:

  • Basic Obedience Skills
  • All dogs should be able to perform, at a minimum, reliable Name Response, decent loose leash skills, Sit, Down.
  • Handlers should be familiar with marker training either a Clicker or a verbal marker (ie: Yes)

PLEASE NOTE: Do not feed your dog their regular meal immediately before your training session. If your lesson interrupts your regular feeding schedule, please feed your dog only a small portion of their regular meal.

All handlers must be 18 years or older and physically able to restrain the dog. Persons under the age of 18 are only permitted to hold the leash with an adult present and handling a secondary safety line.

Payments for all services must be made directly to Pack of Paws Dog Training.
All services are non-refundable. See Terms of Service for details.

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