Why Choose Pack of Paws Professional Dog Training?

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* Efficient and Effective!

* Relaxed, fun, family atmosphere.  Feel as good (or better!) after class than you did before getting started!

* Trainers who are Educated, Experienced and Certified in both Animal Training & People Training!

* Fun Activities & Competitive Sports!

* Simple, easy to fit into your schedule, goal oriented training!


We’re Good at what we do!


Whatever your needs are, Pack of Paws Dog Training can help you. We’re good at what we do!

Did you know, that scientists, neurologists, psychologists, geneticists and sociologists have proven that success in changing just one habit can have a cascading effect throughout the brain causing other behavior modifications and habits to be easier to change?

What does that mean to you and your interest in training your dog? It means that trainers and coaches who understand the power and importance of successfully changing just one behavior and who understand which behavior to start with, can help to effect overall changes in your dog more quickly and make training fun, effective, efficient and simple.

At Pack of Paws, our trainers are educated and experienced. Our dog training classes are unique, both private lessons and group classes. Be particular who you hire to help you and your best friend, choose a dog trainer who uses current training methods and understands learning theory; who is a coach and a friend. Choose a dog trainer who stays current in animal behavior research and dog training techniques.

Learn to understand your dog and to help your dog to understand you!

Dogs have a language all their own, call us to learn how to communicate with your dog in a way which your dog will understand!

Training classes help build self-confidence in both dog and owner!

Give us a call and experience being made a priority, experience working with a professional certified dog trainer who appreciates your goals as much as you do!

We focus on efficient and effective plansd to meet YOUR goals. 

We offer group classes as well as private training in your home or off-site at convenient locations.

Our Trainers are certified by TagTeach International which means we are specially trained to be goal oriented, effective and efficient teachers!


It is OUR privilege to work with YOU!