Hours8 am - 10 pm


Heelwork to Music


Sundays 2:00pm

$50/lesson or $35 each when you register for 4 or more (discount automatically applied at checkout)

Elevate Your Heeling Game with Rhythm & Flair!

Loved our Power & Precision Heeling Class? Dive deeper into the world of heeling with our Heelwork to Music class. It’s not just about heeling; it’s about heeling with style, rhythm, and a touch of pizazz!

Pre-requisites: Our Power & Precision Heeling I class OR Basic Foundation in Heeling Behavior, Reliable Name Response, Skilled Luring, Using a Marker in Training either a Clicker or “Yes”, dog must reliably stay with you around other dogs and people.  There will be off-leash work in this class.

No Reactive Dogs.  All Dogs must be able to work around other dogs and people without barking, lunging, etc.

Please note there may be breaks in class; Donna Savoie competes in Agility, and on those weeks, the class will be canceled.  You will receive ample notice of schedule changes.


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What Will Your Dog Learn?

  • Dynamic Heeling: Master the art of heeling in every direction – forward, backward, sidestepping, and beyond.
  • Engagement Mastery: Keep your dog’s focus sharp and unwavering while in the heel position.
  • Versatile Heeling: Train your dog to heel seamlessly on both the left and right sides.
  • Show-Stopping Moves: From impressive turns, pivots, and ‘arounds’ to spins, twirls, prancing, leaps, and jaw-dropping side changes – we’ve got it all!

Why Choose This Class?

It’s all about Engagement! We emphasize building a strong bond and connection between you and your dog, ensuring every step is in sync.

The Musical Touch

Wondering about the music? We incorporate fun music into our sessions to set the mood and work on our rhythm.

Things to bring:

An obscene amount of yummy treats

  • A sense of Humor
  • Way to hold treats and toys On Your Person that is not a manufacturer’s bag, ziplock bag, etc.  A bait pouch, Vest, Belt, Skirt, etc is required.
  • Two of your dog’s favorite toys that are on a strap, tug toy, or the like.  No ball tossing.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not feed your dog their regular meal immediately before your training session. If your lesson interrupts your regular feeding schedule, please feed your dog only a small portion of their regular meal.

All handlers must be 18 years or older and physically able to restrain the dog. Persons under the age of 18 are only permitted to hold the leash with an adult present and handling a secondary safety line.

No Refunds on any service for any reason. Once you reserve your spot in a class OR purchase an item, there is no refund opportunity for any reason. No exceptions.

Payments for all services must be made directly to Pack of Paws Dog Training.
All services are non-refundable. See Terms of Service for details.

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