BIG MOE (Massachusetts Outdoor Expo)

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Massachusetts Outdoor Expo 2008


Thanks to the generosity of Noah’s Ark Pet Shop in Sturbridge MA, we were able to give out many GREAT prizes to the children.

Dr. Kristine Sklenak of Southbridge Veterinary Hospital and her tech staff educated the children and their families in pet care, pet health and basic first aid.

Second Chance Animal Shelter came out to talk to the children about adopting a dog who needs a forever home!

Gilian from Wow Take a Bow came out with her service dog.

We had 3 young children during the day (not together) who were quite scared of dogs. They left our exhibit with smiles and had treated and petted several of our dogs.

Thank you Bob Arnold for the GREAT Pics!

Donna Savoie with Pack of Paws Dog Training, Dr. Kristine Sklenak of Southbridge Veterinary Hospital, Sandy Steinberg of Noah’s Ark Pet Shop exhibited Family Dogs at the Massachusetts Outdoor Expo on September 28, 2008. The day was fun filled with children of all ages learning about pet care.

Check back for stories of this wonderful event!

Thank you to Gary Zima of Massachusetts Fish & Wildlife and the Hamilton Rod & Gun Club for the opportunity to influence so many wonderful children!

Where did our demonstration dogs come from? They were family pet dogs from the Pack of Paws Family! We had many generous people with their dogs come out and spend their day talking to children and their families about owning a pet dog, responsible dog ownership, kindness, care and more! Kathy Edict did a show for a Girl Scout Troop! Kathy is a pet dog owner with a cocker spaniel Bailey and a Springer spaniel, Daisey. Kathy’s show kept many smiles going for about 20 minutes!

Many thanks go out to Jaimie, Shawn and the rottie boys for coming down from Albany NY. We had Bailey, Daisey, Bean, Sammy, Zero, Tasha, Morgan, Tristin, Doyle, Tamale, Justice, Cleo, Luke, Izzy as well as 2 therapy dogs, a service dog by Wow Take a Bow. Gary Zima did retriever demonstrations, even let some kids throw the bumper!

Massachusetts Outdoor Expo 2009

WOW! Not only did thousands of people come out in the rain to enjoy Massachusetts Outdoor Expo but a dozen dogs and their owners came out again this year to greet the children and teach about animal care.

Big soggy thanks go out to Maggie, Cleo, Cooper, Amos, Lucy, Bev, Rose, Tucker, Bert, Harper and Harry AND their humans!

There is nothing better than seeing the smile on a child’s face when they meet a new breed, a breed they were afraid of, a very large breed, etc. What a great day despite the rain!

Sorry, no pictures this year – yes, due to the rain! Bummer!!!!