Hours8 am - 10 pm

Live with a Professional Dog Trainer (Daily Rate)

From: $50.00

Board your dog in the home of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Please call (508) 248-4677 to confirm availability before booking.


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Space is limited, as our trainers take only ONE dog at a time!

Your dog will live in our trainer’s home, NOT in a boarding kennel.  This option is for boarding ONLY and does not include a structured training program. However, your dog will be staying in a residential setting with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and will receive on-the-fly training.

Terms & Conditions

Not for aggressive dogs.


Pick up and drop off at Pack of Paws training center, 529 Ashland Ave, Southbridge.

All payments are final. No refunds. Cancellations will not receive a refund.

Please refer to our Policies & Terms of Service for additional details.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not feed your dog their regular meal immediately before your training session. If your lesson interrupts your regular feeding schedule, please feed your dog only a small portion of their regular meal.

Payments for all services must be made directly to Pack of Paws Dog Training.
All services are non-refundable. See Terms of Service for details.

Private Lessons

Add Training for Entire Stay (Optional)

Training Treats * 

If you choose to provide your own treats:
If your trainer runs out of the treats provided, or if your dog is not highly motivated by the treats you provide, a $20/day charge for any days that we are required to provide treats. Payment will be expected before your dog is released from boarding.

Recommended treats:
Happy Howie Rolls
Plato Small Bites
Vital Essentials Nibs

Assigned Trainer * 

If your boarding reservation has not been assigned to a trainer, please contact our office at (508) 248-4677 to confirm availability.


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