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Donna D. Savoie – Certified Behavior Consultant & Dog Trainer

Donna D. Savoie is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and a Certified Dog Trainer with education and experience in dog training, and in rehabilitating unwanted behaviors including impulse control issues, fear and aggression.

Training and rehabilitative plans are easy to follow, easy to fit into your normal routine and are successful.  Together we create a plan that you and your family can work with and create a calm dog of your dreams.

Success rates are impressive and include cases where barking was stopped in a week, biting was stopped in a week and dog owners who called for help as a last resort before surrendering their dog, rehoming their dog or euthanizing their dog are now living happily and in harmony.

Donna’s initial consults, training and behavior modification techniques are:

  • Without judgment.  You will never feel like it’s your fault, because it’s not.
  • Without labels.  Fear aggressive, dominance, under socialized, etc.  Labels narrow our minds and inhibit our ability to work out the issue.
  • Without stress, chaos or punitive treatment of the dog.  Dog training and even rehabilitation of unwanted behaviors including fear or aggression should be fun for you and enjoyable for the animal.  If you are not having fun, neither is your dog.  If your dog is not enjoying training, neither are you.  Stress is not conducive to learning.  Our lessons are stress free, enjoyable and simple to follow within your normal routine.
  • Geared to meet your goals. 
  • 100% support for you in between lessons and for a significant period of time thereafter!  Using video, telephone, email you are supported 7 days per week.
  • Flexible!  Using a combination of working in your home, and when appropriate working in a 5,000 sqft state of the art training center, and working in parks, neighborhoods, etc.

Donna is skilled at observing and understanding the dog, and the family and has the knowledge, education and abilities for a successful training and rehabilitative program.

You are just one phone call away from the calm dog of your dreams who can enjoy life to the fullest!

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