Puppy Class Dos and Don’ts

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DO! Allow the puppy to investigate on their own with some encouragement
DON’T! Force any puppy into any situation or onto any obstacle

DO!  Ask for Sit
DON’T! Physically correct any puppy for any reason

DO! Walk away, Ignore and/or Call your trainer
DON’T! Knee the pup, Pin the pup or Shake the pup

DO! Ask your trainer if you think your pup needs to go out
DON’T! Open any gates or doors at any time

DO!  Go get your puppy
DON’T! Recall your puppy if you are not 100% sure they will come when called

DO! Wait for the off leash portion of the activity to allow the greetings
DON’T! Allow on leash greetings

DO! Watch and interact with all puppies, not just your own
Watch for:
• Pinning
• Cornering
• Biting
• Reciprocating/not
• Over-arousal
DON’T! Focus solely on your own puppy

DO! Ask before giving treats to another puppy
DON’T! Assume another puppy can tolerate your puppy’s treats

DO! Leave your cell phone outside
DON’T! Touch your cell phone

DO! Walk slowly and pay attention to puppies
DON’T! No running humans!

DO! Pick up your puppy’s blanket, water bowl, food treats, and bags before puppies are released for play
DON’T! Leave items available for other puppies to get into

DO! Ask lots of questions!
DON’T! Let your questions go unanswered