Rules of Participation for Training Center Lessons

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We are excited to be reopening our facility in the near future, but do have some new guidelines that we must ask everyone to follow.

To protect all students and comply with the guidelines set forth by the state, the following rules apply for participation in lessons at our training center:

  • One person per dog
  • Inside the building, masks are mandatory
  • Social distance of 12′ outside
  • Do not enter the building until the prior class has exited
  • There will be no equipment sharing so an investment in some items may be necessary
  • Anti-bacterial soap will be available in our bathrooms
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom but we encourage you to bring your own in your dog training bag
  • Our staff will wear gloves to handle any retail items that you may purchase
  • During puppy socialization, please do not handle each other’s puppies and stay 6′ apart while puppies play
  • Diplomas will be emailed
  • Chairs will not be provided except for those who cannot stand up for the duration of the class