Relationship Building

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Relationship Building


Our relationships with our friends, family, spouses, etc. can have several different dynamics.  Our relationship with our dogs can and should also have different dynamics as well.

  • Working Relationship
  • Snuggle Relationship
  • Playtime Relationship
  • And all are important to nourish and strengthen


Reward any nice behavior that you observe your dog performing.  

Try and refrain from yelling, physical corrections, startling or scaring the dog and instead teach him what you DO want and ask for it

Teaching simple behaviors such as Sit, Down, Stay, Go to Place and Recall gives you plenty of ways to manage your dog and work that bond and that relationship.

Teach something new every day!  How about a simple trick a day, or 2 minutes of training something new a day.  Don’t stress about getting an end result in 2 minutes but work with your dog toward an end result.

Dog Training = Relationship Building and Relationship Building = Dog Training

Don’t get hung up on just training obedience either!  Training is Training is Training.  Teach spin, high 5, pretty, targeting ……. the more you interact with your dog, the stronger that relationship will be.


Want a well trained dog without much effort?  Reward all good behavior, anything that you would like to see again.  For example, each time the dog is calmly sitting or laying down, praise and treat him.  He’ll do it again.  

Each time he doesn’t counter surf even though the opportunity was there, praise and treat him.  He’ll do it again.

Conversely, each time he is running wild in your home and you are giving him attention for that by calling him or yelling at him or chasing him, he’ll do that again too!

Don’t leave your dog Hanging!  If you let your dog know what you DO want, he is less likely to offer a behavior that you don’t want. 

Ask for Sit or Ask for Go to Place for example.