Hours8 am - 10 pm


Nose Work – Trial Prep – NW1, NW2


6 Weeks – Trial Prep

Trainer: Loreen Robbins, CNWI

Dogs should be on odor, working towards NW1 or NW2


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In Nose Work – Trial Prep we will continue to build the dog’s desire to hunt independently while introducing the dog to different search opportunities, such as containers, exteriors and vehicles.

We will introduce the first target odor, pairing Birch Oil with a food reward.  You will learn how to read your dog’s unique hunting behaviors and to pick up on those subtle signals that communicate to you that the dog is “working odor”.  The dog’s focus should be to obey his nose, not the handler.

To achieve a NW1 title, the dog/handler team should demonstrate the following:

  • The dog will seek out the exact source of the odor.
  • The handler can identify the dog’s communication of the exact source.
  • The dog can maintain the energy, stamina and mental focus to do all four elements in one day.
  • The dog wants to find odor regardless of the environment around him.

A key point is that the source of odor is accessible to the dog at this level. We take into consideration that there will be small dogs, large dogs, and disabled dogs. It is always our goal that the hides be achievable for the title level; but remember, there will be unpredictable elements in searches so create the unpredictable in your training and let your dog learn to solve the problems.

Nose Work Classes are fascinating for both dog and handler and are based on authentic Nose Work training. Nose Work can help develop confidence even in the most timid dog.  The mental exercise of searching and problem-solving is great for calming and focusing the energetic or highly aroused dog, or dog reactive dog.  A  positive working relationship will develop between you and your dog when you are out “hunting” together as a team.  For those handlers that love to compete, our Nose Work Classes will prepare you for the official Nose Work Trials.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not feed your dog their regular meal immediately before your training session. If your lesson interrupts your regular feeding schedule, please feed your dog only a small portion of their regular meal.

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