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K9 Nose Work Private Lessons with Loreen Robbins


To schedule your lessons, please call Loreen Directly at (401) 710-1755

Problem solving and practice for dogs of all levels — from dogs still on primary odor to the highest levels of competition.


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Private lessons for the sport of Nose Work are a great choice for:

  • People who want to try a session but don’t want to commit to a full class.
  • Those who can’t attend regular classes and need a flexible schedule.
  • Handlers who are getting ready for a trial and want to work on a particular skill.
  • Those who are active in other Scent sports such as Barn Hunt. Nose work can help you become more aware of cones of odor, understand how odor moves, and help you recognize when your dog detects a scent.
  • Fearful or Aggressive dogs that can’t learn in a group class.  (Note: Loreen must be able to safely work with the student dog, if you have an aggressive dog, please call us with details and we can determine if this option is right for you.)
  • Problem solving for specific challenges in any Scent sport.

Single lesson (30 minutes) – $45
3 Lessons – $99

About Loreen Robbins, CNWI

Loreen is a graduate of our Pack of Paws Professional Dog Trainer program and is a Certified Nose Work Instructor.  She actively trials with her dogs Bella,  Mina, and her 3rd dog, JD, is in training.  Bella currently holds NW1 pronounced, NW2, NW3, NW3 Elite, L1C,  L1E, L1I, L2C and L2I in Nose Work.

Loreen is well respected in the Nose Work community and has even been invited to private scent work seminars by world renowned Nose Work trainers.  Loreen brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to Pack of Paws and we are excited to have her as part of the Pack of Paws Training Team!

To schedule your lessons, please call Loreen Directly at (401) 710-1755

Additional information

Number of Lessons

Single Lesson, 3 Lessons

PLEASE NOTE: Do not feed your dog their regular meal immediately before your training session. If your lesson interrupts your regular feeding schedule, please feed your dog only a small portion of their regular meal.

Payments for all services must be made directly to Pack of Paws Dog Training.
All services are non-refundable. See Terms of Service for details.


To schedule your lessons, please call Loreen Directly at (401) 710-1755 before booking.

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