Perfect Family Dog Flex-Pass Program

Our Perfect Family Dog Flex-Pass program offers individualized training within a group class for convenience and value.

Start any time, progress at your own pace.. and when life gets busy, take a week or two off. Classes are tailored so that you can continue to attend until you’ve mastered the skills that are a priority for you and your lifestyle.

What is a Flex-Pass? 

Our Flex-Pass offers the ability to try a variety of classes at your own pace. Prepay for your lessons, and take time off when you need to. Each pass offers an extended period of use. The more lessons you buy, the less you pay per lesson!

With Flex-Pass you have the ability to:

  • Learn more
  • Try something new
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule
  • Develop a well-rounded dog
  • Attend small group classes which allow for individualized lessons

What classes can I use my Flex-Pass on?

Flex-Pass requires that you RSVP for EACH lesson that you take – NO DROP INS. Please DO NOT come to class without Registering Online or Calling Us at (508) 248-4677 to RSVP.

Pre-registration is required for each lesson. [1 credit = 1 lesson]

You may redeem your Flex-Pass credits on :

View our Flex-Pass Calendar

Flex-Pass FAQ

Do I have to take any other classes before taking the Perfect Family Dog Obedience Class?

No. Perfect Family Dog Obedience is a complete training program appropriate from puppyhood through adulthood. It encompasses basic obedience skills through intermediate and advanced obedience. There are no prerequisites and you can start at any time! The beauty of this class is that you will not be required to come at the same time for each lesson, and you can skip weeks if necessary.

I’ve already taken Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Obedience. Can I still take the Perfect Family Dog Obedience Class?

YES! The beauty of our Perfect Family Dog Obedience Class is that it allows you to work on the skills that YOU find most important to your lifestyle.

I have 2 dogs. Do I need to have 2 Flex-Passes?

NO. You can choose to use your credits for whichever dog you’d like. If you’d like to bring one dog to our 11:00 Perfect Family Dog Obedience Class and a different dog to the 7:00pm Tricks class, just register each dog for the class they will be attending and redeem one credit for each dog from your Flex-Pass.

What if I don’t use all my credits before my Flex-Pass expires?

Any unused credits will be forfeit if not used within the allotted time period. There are no refunds or rollovers for expired credits.

Can I just come to the class without registering first?

Class sizes are limited, so we must require that you register online before coming to any of our eligible Flex classes. If you do not register online beforehand, you may be unable to attend your desired class.

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