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Nose Work

What Can K9 Nose Work Do For YOU?

K9 Nose Work is an excellent way to continue your dog’s training, and is a wonderful compliment to your basic obedience program.

★ Fun for Both You and Your Dog ★

You’ll love K9 Nose Work for confidence and relationship building, but your dog will love it because it’s just plain old FUN!

★ Easy to Get Started ★

It’s simple to get started in Nose Work. There’s no special equipment needed and the sport requires zero skill from the handler; in fact, the less you help the dog during the search, the better!

★ Builds Endurance and Work Ethic ★

K9 Nose Work will help to build work ethic and endurance in your dog. Through K9 Nose Work, your dog will develop the ability to work much longer.

Engaging in K9 Nose Work enhances the dog’s love of performing a task. This makes obedience training easier and builds your dog’s willingness to perform tasks when food or reinforcement isn’t present.

★ More Reliable Responses to Obedience Cues ★

Through K9 Nose Work, your dog’s responses to basic obedience cues like Sit, Down, Come, and Stay will become stronger and faster as the dog builds work ethic.

Instructor Loreen Robbins is a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) and has personally seen K9 Nose Work transform her once-reactive German Shepherd into a confident dog who now travels everywhere competing in the sport of K9 Nose Work and currently at very high levels.

Loreen also finds that her dog is far more responsive to basic foundation commands as she continues to progress through Nose Work training. She is noticeably more focused, calmer and significantly more responsive to Loreen as a direct result of Nose Work training.

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