Play Tug with Your Dog

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Playing Tug of War with your dog is a GREAT game. Tug is an active game that requires the dog to think and move. Played properly Tug is safe and fun! Tug can even be used as a reward for training other behaviors!

Remember! YOU initiate the game and YOU end the game! If the dog brings the Tug toy to you and starts whipping you with it, dropping it at your feet and whining well then you’ve done a GREAT job teaching him to LOVE the Tug game but wait a moment, ask for a behavior or two such as sit and wait or down and wait; then be sure that YOU initiate the game.

Watch Dr. Ian Dunbar’s video on teaching a dog to play Tug.

I am asked if certain breeds should not be allowed to play Tug and my answer is NO. Tug is a safe and wonderful game if trained properly and if the rules are followed.

Enjoy Dr. Dunbar’s video below: