Pack of Paws Summer Safety Rules

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Summer is here, finally!  As well as our dress code we also want to insure that your dog is always safe and as cool as possible.

Health & Safety is always first when it comes to our pets. We are 100% responsible for their welfare and their enjoyment of our sports.

The majority of our parking lot at Pack of Paws is without shade.  However there are ways to keep your pet as cool as possible while waiting in your vehicle.

1)      Turn on the A/C.  Crank it up!  (we do recommend you keep a spare set of keys in your pocket in case your dog locks your doors.)

2)      Keep all of the windows wide open!  (Your dog should be crated or otherwise secured.  If you think your dog will bark at other dogs and people walking by, you may consider parking behind the construction equipment.)

3)      Sun Shades!  There are tons of them on the market today.  Go to Amazon and search Aluminet or Sun Shade.  Cool Puppy Aluminet Shade Cloth Panels (7 x 12)

4)      Battery operated fans!  Ryobi makes a spectacular rechargeable fan.  Ryobi 18-Volt/120-Volt One Plus Hybrid Fan [Bare Tool Only]

5)      If appropriate, ask your trainer if you can crate your dog inside the building.  If your dog can crate quietly, it may be possible.

6)      There are sensors that you can purchase that remotely let you know the temperature of your vehicle.  SensorPush Wireless Thermometer / Hygrometer for iPhone / Android – Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor with Alerts

Please also bring water and a bowl for your dog.

Drinks for you? Please leave ice coffees and such in the car.  You cannot train your dog and carry a coffee cup at the same time and it makes such a sticky mess when a dog tips them over.  You may want to keep bottled water or a sports bottle for yourself in your training bag!

Let’s enjoy summer and be safe out there!