Maggie’s Story

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This is Maggie. Maggie is a mixed breed dog that was rescued from the streets of Tennessee and brought here to New England. Maggie had a terrible life, she was a stray, was captured and transported in a crate by truck; a very scary situation for any animal. Maggie was adopted, twice. Maggie was returned once because the adoptive family found themselves allergic, and the next adoptive parents were elderly and could not keep her. So, Maggie was “abandoned” many times in her young life. Now 3 years old, she was adopted by Tara and Dan in Sturbridge, MA. At first, Maggie was frightened and did not bond with her new family. She exhibited aggressive tendencies in an attempt to defend herself from the unknown. Maggie had only herself to depend on for many years. After a couple of weeks, Maggie bonded with Tara, but was still frightened of Dan, and most men. So Tara and Dan contacted Pack of Paws Dog Training for help. While Maggie is very shy and because of the situations in her early life may always be shy, Maggie has started to bond very nicely to both Tara and Dan.

Using counter-conditioning techniques, and proper desensitization techniques, Maggie will enjoy a full life. The photos in the slide show are Maggie and her family on a camping trip!

Tara and Dan do not rush Maggie into any situation and monitor her environment carefully while Maggie develops a sense of self-confidence and trust in her new family.

Check back for video of Maggie in her training class. Maggie is also taking Backyard Agility!

With proper training, positive technique, and love and understanding almost anything can be accomplished!

December 2008 Update! (Wow! It’s only been 6 months)

Maggie is doing GREAT! Not only does she enjoy having strange people come and visit her home, she enjoys having dogs visit as well! Tara’s mother has dogs, and they come to visit. Maggie does awesome. Maggie goes to their house to visit also!

Maggie comes on our group walks every Sunday. She barely reacts to other dogs any more, she lets most strange people pet her and is a very happy dog.

She goes shopping every week with Mom and Dad to Noah’s Ark Pet Shop and walks around the store checking out the people and hoping for a new toy!

Every time I see her, she is more relaxed and I am so proud of the work that they have done together as a family.

One cruddy day I will put together the video of Maggie in her agility class! Keep checking back!! This is truly a happy ending to a once abused and neglected dog who is now loved, cared for and developing self-confidence and a bond that she never knew before.

Great dog owners and a great dog!

Update September 2009!

Maggie not only attended the Massachusetts Outdoor Expo but was able to allow many children to pet her. Tara enjoyed the opportunity to teach children that a rescued Staffordshire Terrier can be a wonderful Dog!

Maggie attended Second Chance Animal Shelter’s Walk n Wag event for the second year in a row!

I have to mention that she had a wonderful time!