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Your Enthusiasm, how important is it anyway?

Your enthusiasm is really a huge ingredient when training your dog. Dog’s don’t speak your language, they hear your tone, discern trained words, watch your body language etc. to determine and figure out what it is you want from them.

At home with the family, we are usually very relaxed with our dogs and perhaps a bit silly. We might squeek at them, tell them we love them, cuddle with them, play with them and we are generally pretty happy when we are at home with our dogs.

But what about when company comes ………… dreaded company. Do we then Yell at our dogs to “get off” if they jump or “get off the couch” or “GO LAY DOWN” in a stern voice, etc. Take the time to train your dog nice behaviors with one guest at a time and be sure to have that same enthusiasm that you would have if there was no guest in your home.

What about when you take your dog out? Maybe to training class, maybe shopping, maybe for a walk. How important is your enthusiasm then? It’ is very important! If your dog sees a stiff, stern, grumpy human when he is out and about, and a happy, silly, relaxed human when he’s at home it sends mixed messages but the one CLEAR message it sends is “get me home, it’s more fun there”.

Your Enthusiasm is very important !