COME! And Find me!

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Playing Come and Find Me with your dog is a great way to strengthen that all important recall behavior.

Come and Find Me is a very simple game that you can play by yourself with your dog or include friends and family.

By playing Come and Find Me with your dog, the dog is doing more than just a straight line recall and doing more than following and chasing you but he actually has to recognize your voice, hear his name and work to find you.

We recommend playing this game inside the home first, and once the dog is doing well inside the home play this game outdoors in a fenced in area for safety.

If you are playing with multiple people, strategically place yourselves inside the home. Each individual in a different room, all with treats, tug toys, and awesome rewards for the dog.

The most important rule is: only one person is to call the dog at a time. No other person is to call or address or speak to the dog in any way until the person who did call the dog is squeaking with “good dog” because the dog responded appropriately and found the person who was calling.

Once you are spread out strategically, one person calls the dog!

As everyone involved hears that the dog found the right person, the next person can call the dog!

It would be very fun if person number one moved to a different location for the next time, so that when it is person number one’s turn again the dog has to go to a different location to find that person.

The dog will be running from room to room finding the person who called him.

This is such great fun for the dog and will help create a very fun and very positive association to the word come. By having to find the person, criteria is increased and really strengthens that recall.

When you work on recall outdoors, the area should be secured with the fence. Each person can hide behind a tree or bush! The same rules apply, one person will call the dog! Once everyone else hears that excitement and Good Dog song then someone else can call the dog!

Playing the come find me game is a very fun recall game!