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Maggie’s Story

This is Maggie. Maggie is a mixed breed dog that was rescued from the streets of Tennessee and brought here to New England. Maggie had a terrible life, she was a stray, was captured and transported in a crate by truck; a very scary situation for any animal. Maggie was adopted, twice. Maggie was returned […]

Wild German Shep and the Child

I don’t often write about training experiences with clients, particularly if they don’t voluntarily and without any prompting send in a photo with their story, but some stories are so touching that they must be told so they can influence others. Fido the 9 month old German Shepherd and the 6 year old child were […]

Happy Halloween!

With Halloween upon us, remember to have fun with your dog! Dress him up but insure he is safe and comfortable! Always supervise your dog while he is dressed up in costume. And remember – Halloween Candy is for the humans! Happy Halloween! Halloween Costumes 2009 {flv}halloween2009{/flv}

Play Tug with Your Dog

Playing Tug of War with your dog is a GREAT game. Tug is an active game that requires the dog to think and move. Played properly Tug is safe and fun! Tug can even be used as a reward for training other behaviors! Remember! YOU initiate the game and YOU end the game! If the […]

Choose to Heel

Watch how we teach two dogs to heel simultaneously! You can see that only the dog at the heel position gets reinforced. You can also see how they figure out what to do when one crowds the other. Dog gets clicked and treated for finding heel. Because we are working with two dogs, precise timing […]

Dog Training on TV

Dog training should not be a reality TV show. Seeing results for behavior problems, in an hour, is misleading. Even mild behavior issues usually cannot be resolved in one hour. How does one create a solid foundation for behavior in one hour? Our dogs are important to us, they are members of our family and […]

Greeting Dogs!

Asking our dogs to automatically befriend other dogs who are strangers to them is often asking for trouble if not handled properly. Consider, do you want to run up to and greet every human you see? Some outgoing and gregarious humans just may but some more reserved humans just may not. Personally, when I arrive […]

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