Angel’s Progress

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Angel is an 8 year old mixed breed dog.  She has bitten several people over the years, including her owner and another trainer.

We developed a lesson plan that would easily fit into their regular routine, with some changes that are minor to the human, but have a major impact on the dog’s behavior, including:

  • Nothing in Life is Free program
  • Changes to Feeding Routine
  • Changes to Exercise Routine
  • Being Proactive in asking for skills before Angel demonstrates an unwanted behavior

When coupled with teaching some new skills, these changes enabled Angel to work off leash and without barriers, with her owner and with her trainer on her second lesson!

Angel was able to make such remarkable progress in part because the her owner is so compliant with her training plan.

We still have a long way to go, but Angel and her human are well on their way to reaching their training goals!

This is a short clip of Angel’s second lesson at Pack of Paws: