15 Reasons Why You NEED an Awesome Recall!

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awesomerecallHaving a dog that doesn’t come when called is not only frustrating, the ability to call your dog off of a dangerous distraction can actually save their life. If you want your dog to have any sort of off-leash freedom, you must be able to trust that they’ll return to you on your command.

Here are some examples of why you NEED an awesome recall!

To call your dog…

… back to you if he runs out the door.
…away from barking at squirrels out the window.
…back into the house if he’s barking at something in the yard.
…away from bothering the cat.
…when it’s time for a walk or to go for a drive.
…off of spilt food or toxic items on the ground.
…when he’s starting to bother your other dog (e.g., a puppy annoying an older dog).
…as emergency cue when dog is running off or toward danger.
…to do something he enjoys (make sure your dog learns “come” means good things will happen!)
…away from the door when the doorbell rings.
…away from the mail coming through the mail slot.
…when you’re ready to feed him his dinner.
…to you at the dog park or dog beach to keep him from pestering other dogs or people.
…back to shore when he’s swimming in the lake or ocean too far out.
…during games with the family, like hide and seek.

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