be a tree presenter

Be a Tree

Child Safety and Dog Bite Prevention

Meridith Hallisey is an approved and licensed Be a Tree presenter.


Dogs are amazing animals. They love us unconditionally. They protect our homes. They find lost children. They fetch the newspaper. They swim. They lie by the fire. They pull sleds in the snow. They predict seizures and sniff out cancer cells. They lead the blind. They hear for the deaf. They comfort the elderly. They leap from helicopters to rescue the drowning. They roll in dead stuff. They chase the cat. They dig up the garden. They die for us in war time. They sniff out drugs and bombs. They pull wheelchairs. They race agility courses. They steal the remote. They warm our feet and our hearts.    ~ Doggone Safe

Dogs ARE amazing, they are loyal family members.  It's important that our children learn to be safe around our own family pets and around other familiar dogs or even strange dogs as well.

We are lucky to have Meridith Hallisey to present the Be a Tree Program.  Meridith has extensive teaching experience with children and she is also a skilled dog trainer.

If you are interested in a presentation of the Doggone Safe Be a Tree Program:
In your home
At your school
At your church
In your neighborhood

Please contact Meridith at:
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