BAT Behavior Adjustment Training for Fear & Aggression

BAT Behavior Adjustment Training for Fear & Aggression



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Pack of Paws Dog Training

529 Ashland Ave (Rte 131)

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Coming January 25 and 26, 2014 !!

We will be hosting Grisha Stewart of Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle for a 2 Day BAT Seminar.

BAT is a very simple yet effective protocol to help anxious dogs gain confidence and to help reactive dogs settle in the presence of other dogs, strange people, etc.

Behavior Adjustment Training, or BAT, rehabilitates dog reactivity by looking at why the dog is reactive and helping him or her meet his needs in other ways. In a nutshell, BAT is a dog-friendly application of ‘functional analysis’ that gives the dogs a chance to learn to control their own comfort level through peaceful means. It’s very empowering to your dog, in a good way.

Spaces are  limited.

Donna Savoie, CPDT-KA, CBATI is a Certified BAT Instructor.  Pack of Paws Dog Training has been using BAT for more than 3 years.  BAT is a very dog & handler friendly way to help dogs through reactivity issues.  BAT is simple to execute for any handler with any level of experience and is calming and empowering for the dog.   Through BAT, dogs learn coping skills, desensitization to other dogs, people or even inanimate objects.

No refunds.  No exceptions.

Come and join us on January 25 and 26, 2014 and learn the BAT techniques for working with fearful and aggressive dogs.  Whether you are a trainer, or a pet owner looking for training techniques to work with these special dogs, the BAT seminar is a GREAT investment.

CCPDT: BAT1000 Grisha Stewart has been approved for 16 CEUs for trainers and 16 CEUs for behavior consultants

IAABC: has been approved for 17 CEUs

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Price: $235.00

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